Film Score and Sound Design Project – Final Fantasy: Advent Children

Myself and Greg Ellingworth have just today finished a collaborative music and sound design project. The aim was to completely strip a scene of it’s soundtrack and reconstruct everything from the ground up. I took the role of music composer and Greg had the mammoth task of recreating and designing all the sounds. We chose this scene as it provides frequent cuts and changes in pace, leading to a dynamic and challenging score. The scene also offered the opportunity for some creative sound design such as the sounds for the creature and the supernatural orb.

The final step was a collaborative mix, producing a stereo and 5.1 surround version. Enjoy!

Film Score and Sound Design Project – Final Fantasy: Advent Children from Nick May on Vimeo.

For more on Greg’s sound design work visit


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Composer, Sound Designer for film, videos games and any other form of media!

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  1. Very nice job Nick!
    The score supports the narrative very well and is produced to a professional standard.
    I really enjoyed the sound design although maybe some sound effects are a little dry? The individual sounds are of high quality and sound good but I think they could be a little more wet to reflect the environment they are in. I think because of the epic scale of the battle and music if the sound effects were more hyper realistic they would gel better with the score and the visuals. I am being very picky though and I do think the overall piece sounds fantastic. Good job!

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