Monthly Archives: October 2011

A new track and new sample libraries!

Today was an exciting day for me as I got a delivery of a 1TB hard drive full of new sampled instruments! OK, I can’t actually use all of the data (you get to choose 6 licenses but the hard drive comes with all the companies products installed), even so, the number of instruments available to me is vast, and in fact, it’s quite daunting. However, once the initial ‘What the hell are all these weird instruments’ syndrome wheres off, it starts to become very exciting indeed. I spent half of today simply loading virtual instruments, playing a few notes, then moving on to the next one while grinning continuously due to the delightful sounds coming from my monitors. I got particularly excited about the ‘Storm Drum’ instrument. I’ve always been a big fan of percussion heavy film music and this Storm Drum library is as big and cinematic as sampled percussion can get! So this new track explores rhythmic ideas as well testing out some of the eastern instruments new to me. I’m pleased with the result as I know it takes time to become comfortable with new software. I hope you like it too, enjoy!


New Game Music Project: Greyout

Greyout is a unique platform puzzle game created by Janek Schafer. I have been asked to write the music for the game and the video below shows just a taster of the game and it’s first music track.

Another Epic Composition!

Following on from my last track (The System), here’s another in a similar style, but this ones got some rock influence thrown in. The piece took inspiration from Trailer music composers ‘Two Steps From Hell’. Enjoy!

New Epic Demo Track – The System

I completed this track today, taking influence from minimalist, contemporary film composers such as Hans Zimmer, but also from the works of Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen who are well know for that massive film trailer, epic sound!
Although this isn’t one of my more original pieces, a lot of effort went into the production, trying to get the sampled orchestra to sound as ‘real’ as possible. I hope you enjoy it!