Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Phantom Executioner – Film Score

This is a film that I scored a while ago now. The director, Adam Schwartz, contacted me via Youtube as he liked some of my chilled out beats I was making for an album project at the time. It was a student film, and took a fair while to complete which gave me quite a lot of time to work on the music. This is probably the lengthiest of all the short films I have composed music for, allowing me to explore theme and variation techniques throughout, building to the fully fleshed ‘end credits’ suite featuring the main theme in it’s most complete form.

Adam was keen on having music throughout the entirety of the film, always complementing the dialogue with some form of atmosphere or drones. This was a new approach to me, as I would usually ‘spot’ films of this length, and only compose music for certain scenes. It was therefore important to make sure the music during the intense dialogue scenes was quite subtle and understated, then in the fight scenes, the music can come out to play!

Adam has recently put the film up on Vimeo, so check it out!