Monthly Archives: April 2012

New Youtube Uploads

I tend to ignore Youtube because frankly, I don’t like it. But out of all the social media sites that I upload music onto, I have by far the most hits on Youtube, so I decided today that it was about time to put some tunes up onto the tube!
I choose to upload some of my epic, yet simplistic orchestral / electronic tracks as this style has proven to be popular on Youtube. Check out the tracks on my Youtube channel here… Click Here.


New Equilibrium Video Game Demo Video!

A great new Equilibrium demo video has been uploaded by Outlander Studios (the creators of Equilibrium) featuring the Chaos and Order battle music that I wrote for the game. It also shows how the game has progressed into a much more graphically stunning 3D game for mobile devices. Check it out!

The One They Seek – Film Score by Nick May: Action and Finale

Here are some more samples from my music for the film ‘The One They Seek’ directed by Katie Smith.