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Parliament Education Centre – The History of Parliament Film

I have recently finished working on providing a music score and sound design for the History of Parliament animated film shown at the newly opened Parliament Education Centre in London.
The film is projected across 4 screens which surround the audience offering a unique 360 experience.

// Click Here to see the centre featured on the Daily Politics show (first minute or so features the part of the project I worked on)


Angry Birds Activity Park – St Petersburg

I worked on providing sound design and a little bit of music on two attractions at the newly opened Angry Birds Activity Park in St Petersburg. My job was to provide the sound for the mine shaft and mirror maze sections of the park.

The mine shaft attraction featured large screens on either side of the guests with an animated film which helped simulate the sensation of falling and crashing to the ground.

The mirror maze attraction required three ‘audio stories’ which are activated when the guests reach certain points in the maze.

You can see pictures and hear some of my audio on the Newangle (production company) website:!viewProject&projectID=148

You can watch the mine shaft animation below which includes my audio

Angry Birds, Minion Mine shaft. v01 from David Cosham on Vimeo.

Animation for Angry Birds Activity Park, Russia. Client: Rovio. AV company: Newangle; Exhibition Design: JRA. My roles: Design, Animation, 3D