Epic Music Demo – 2012

To round off last year I’ve created a short demo track featuring highlights of epic music I wrote in 2012.


Lost and Found wins the Sunrise Film Festival Award!

Lost and Found is a short film directed and written by my good friend David Stafford. His film has recently won the Sunrise Film and Animation Festival Award hosted by Ditto (www.ditto.tv/sunrise)

The film includes a music score written by myself. You can watch the film and listen to the score below, hope you enjoy it!

A Super Hero Called Ted!

To celebrate becoming an uncle, I decided to write my new little nephew a piece of music. However, instead of writing a lullaby which would be more appropriate music to represent a new born baby, I decided to write him a big heroic adventurous piece. Apparently the first time new heard it he stopped crying, so perhaps babies don’t really like soothing music after all and are secretly craving some ground shaking action music!

Coming to Terms – Snippet: Music by Nick May

Coming to Terms is an upcoming student film directed by Benjamin Guy, of which I’m providing a music score for.
Below is a short snippet of the demo music I’ve written for the film so far.

“Coming To Terms is a short film that centres around a man looking for answers about life and death.”

New Youtube Uploads

I tend to ignore Youtube because frankly, I don’t like it. But out of all the social media sites that I upload music onto, I have by far the most hits on Youtube, so I decided today that it was about time to put some tunes up onto the tube!
I choose to upload some of my epic, yet simplistic orchestral / electronic tracks as this style has proven to be popular on Youtube. Check out the tracks on my Youtube channel here… Click Here.

New Equilibrium Video Game Demo Video!

A great new Equilibrium demo video has been uploaded by Outlander Studios (the creators of Equilibrium) featuring the Chaos and Order battle music that I wrote for the game. It also shows how the game has progressed into a much more graphically stunning 3D game for mobile devices. Check it out!

The One They Seek – Film Score by Nick May: Action and Finale

Here are some more samples from my music for the film ‘The One They Seek’ directed by Katie Smith.

The One They Seek – Film Score by Nick May: Sneak Peak

Here are a few samples put together from work I’ve done so far on a student film called ‘The One They Seek’.

– An upcoming short film about a woman out for vengeance for the demise of her slaughtered parents. Set in a medieval fantasy world, across vast countryside and deep woodland she must ‘Hunt and destroy him before he reaches his people in the West’.

The music contains a clear reference to the setting and time period of the film, as well as establishing a couple of leitmotifs (character themes) for both the main characters of the film. Hope you enjoy it! More to come soon…

Here is a link to some files with tips and guides on how to make trip hop beats as well as some info on general production techniques.


Click Here!

Major website update!

I have now finished a major update to the ‘compositions’ page on nickmaymusic.com
I have got rid of the fiddly little music players and now have a new flash music player complete with categories and playlists.

Please take a look (click on image below) and let me know what you think of the new design. Thanks!