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Equilibrium: Android Strategy Game with Music by Nick May

Equilibrium is a strategy game released for Android smart phones created by Outlander Studios –​

I provided the music for the game, carefully composing two very different identities for the two different sides in the game: Order and Chaos.

The music, as well as providing atmosphere and energy, had another purpose much more connected with the game play. The game cycles through four different times of day: morning, midday, evening and midnight, with Order attacking at midday and Chaos at midnight. The music therefore has an important role of letting the player know what time of day it is, and when to expect an attack.

To download the game (for free!) visit:​details?id=com.OutlanderStudios.Equilibrium. You will need an Android phone with at least a 1GHz processor and 800 x 480 screen (Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire etc)

This video below contains footage of some of the game play and menus.

Equilibrium: Android Strategy Game by Outlander Studios from Nick May on Vimeo.