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This category includes posts which feature links to some of my music in the form of complete tracks or demos.

8bit Adventure in C Major – Video game inspired music composition

Just a fun, adventurous track that combines retro synths with big orchestral sounds!


Battle Towers Soundtrack – Chaos

Complete soundtrack to the Android and iOS strategy game ‘Battle Towers’. This video features the music for the Chaos faction.

Battle Towers Soundtrack – Order

Complete soundtrack to the Android and iOS strategy game ‘Battle Towers’. This video features the music for the Order faction.
Music composed by Nick May
Image copyright – Outlander Studios
Download the game here for Android:
Also available on iOS devices from the App Store.
Music composed in 2010 using Logic Pro and East West sample libraries.

Epic Music Demo – 2012

To round off last year I’ve created a short demo track featuring highlights of epic music I wrote in 2012.

A Super Hero Called Ted!

To celebrate becoming an uncle, I decided to write my new little nephew a piece of music. However, instead of writing a lullaby which would be more appropriate music to represent a new born baby, I decided to write him a big heroic adventurous piece. Apparently the first time new heard it he stopped crying, so perhaps babies don’t really like soothing music after all and are secretly craving some ground shaking action music!

New Youtube Uploads

I tend to ignore Youtube because frankly, I don’t like it. But out of all the social media sites that I upload music onto, I have by far the most hits on Youtube, so I decided today that it was about time to put some tunes up onto the tube!
I choose to upload some of my epic, yet simplistic orchestral / electronic tracks as this style has proven to be popular on Youtube. Check out the tracks on my Youtube channel here… Click Here.

A new track and new sample libraries!

Today was an exciting day for me as I got a delivery of a 1TB hard drive full of new sampled instruments! OK, I can’t actually use all of the data (you get to choose 6 licenses but the hard drive comes with all the companies products installed), even so, the number of instruments available to me is vast, and in fact, it’s quite daunting. However, once the initial ‘What the hell are all these weird instruments’ syndrome wheres off, it starts to become very exciting indeed. I spent half of today simply loading virtual instruments, playing a few notes, then moving on to the next one while grinning continuously due to the delightful sounds coming from my monitors. I got particularly excited about the ‘Storm Drum’ instrument. I’ve always been a big fan of percussion heavy film music and this Storm Drum library is as big and cinematic as sampled percussion can get! So this new track explores rhythmic ideas as well testing out some of the eastern instruments new to me. I’m pleased with the result as I know it takes time to become comfortable with new software. I hope you like it too, enjoy!

Another Epic Composition!

Following on from my last track (The System), here’s another in a similar style, but this ones got some rock influence thrown in. The piece took inspiration from Trailer music composers ‘Two Steps From Hell’. Enjoy!

New Epic Demo Track – The System

I completed this track today, taking influence from minimalist, contemporary film composers such as Hans Zimmer, but also from the works of Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen who are well know for that massive film trailer, epic sound!
Although this isn’t one of my more original pieces, a lot of effort went into the production, trying to get the sampled orchestra to sound as ‘real’ as possible. I hope you enjoy it!

4 Extracts from ambient, chillout cinematic tracks!

Here are 4 extracts from two chilled, ambient cinematic pieces. My aim is to create an album of this style of music, combining chilled, minimal cinematic styles similar to composers like Thomas Newman and Clint Mansell, but combine this with more electronic elements.

Distant Memory (Extract 1):

Distant Memory (Extract 2):

Distant Memory (Extract 3):

An Unordinary Morning (Extract)

I hope you enjoy them, and they’ll be more tracks like this coming some. Please let me know what you think!